HGA meeting 9th March







Councillor Ann Waters,

Cabinet member for Children and Families

will speak about Haringey’s policy for Schools in these changing times and answer your questions.
This will be followed by discussion and workshops looking at recruitment, retention and recognition of governors – what information and support do governors need?
An ideal opportunity to meet governors from other schools and share ideas and issues.


School Funding 2017

Presentation from Spring Briefing 2016.

Download School-Funding-2017.pptx (PPTX, 82KB)

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Presentation and materials from Spring Briefing 2016

Download Governors-briefing-CP.pptx (PPTX, 127KB)

Governors’ Responsibilities

Download Govs-resp-SG.docx (DOCX, 41KB)

Lead Governor’s Checklist

Download Check-List-For-Lead-Governor.docx (DOCX, 41KB)

Attendance: what governors need to know

Presentation from Spring Briefing 2016.

Download Attendance-Presentation-2nd-February-2016-Governors.pptx (PPTX, 413KB)


Governor Services Portal is now live

Haringey Council’s Governor Services have a new website that features of all of the training and support available to governors of Haringey schools.

It’s here: http://governors.haringey.gov.uk/

Annual Governors’ and Headteachers’ Conference this weekend!

Haringey Governor Services’ ‘new look’ Governors’ and Headteachers’ Conference programme which is now open for booking.

  • Our theme is Schools in Partnership – System Leadership.
  • Our Keynote speaker is Mark Phillips, Senior HMI who has a wide breadth of experience of school leadership and is abreast of the very latest requirements of governance.
  • The session following is an opportunity for you to innovate and become part of a wider – system –leadership. The session will be led by the Headteacher who chairs the Networked Learning Community (NLC) to which your school belongs. They will outline how your NLC schools work in collaboration to lead on projects that improve learning for children throughout the community and how this benefits schools which engage. You will be given an opportunity to make links with governors from other schools and consider how you might begin to share experiences and ideas and become system leaders too!
  • The final session comprises of five workshops which have been carefully chosen for their relevance to your role in fulfilling your statutory functions, in supporting school improvement and in dealing with some of the difficult issues that can arise.
  • And finally ….lunch @ 12:30

The procedure for registration is as follows:

To Book your place on the workshops.

Logon to the Governor Services Training Web Site
http://governors.haringey.gov.uk/ with your login id.
Select your chosen WORKSHOP from the list.
Confirmthe booking by Selecting Submit then Proceed.
Email: [email protected]uk

If you need further assistance with booking your workshop, please contact Governor Services

Governor Services
Schools and Learning Service
Tel: 0208 489 5074
Email: [email protected]

Governor representatives on Schools Forum

Dear Governor,

Elections to the Schools Forum September 2015-2018

Now is the time to consider putting your name forward  for election to the Schools Forum which reached the end of its term of office in July 2015

The Schools Forum advises Haringey Council on proposed changes to the formulae they use for determination of schools’ budget shares. The Local Authority consults the Schools Forum on matters concerning the funding of schools and on financial matters relating to the Schools Budget.

The make up of governor representation on the Schools Forum is as follows:

  • 1 governor for Nursery schools
  • 7 maintained school primary governors
  • 2 maintained school secondary governors
  • 1 Special school governor
  • 1 Primary Academy governor
  • 1 Secondary Academy governor

We currently have a good representation from all areas of the borough and we would hope to be able to maintain this.

If you would be interested in standing for election to the Schools Forum please fill in the SF nomination form (through HGA) and return it to Carolyn Banks, Governors Services, Third Floor, River Park House, London N22 8HQ. Email [email protected]

You will need to be proposed by a fellow governor and you will have the opportunity to make a short written supporting statement.

If you would like more information please contact Melian Mansfield,  Chair of HGA on [email protected]. Closing date for nominations is 28th September 2015. Places will be filled by those who apply first.

Yours sincerely,

Melian Mansfield

Chair- Haringey Governors Association

Download the nomination form and a copy of this letter:

Ofsted updates for the new year

Having just released their inspection handbook at the end of last academic year, Oftsed have already updated it!

Here are the important changes about governance:

Ofsted Handbook Further update – September 2015

Inspectors will consider whether governors:

  • work effectively with leaders to communicate the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school and develop a culture of ambition
  • provide a balance of challenge and support to leaders, understanding the strengths and areas needing improvement at the school
  • provide support for an effective headteacher or are hindering school improvement because of a lack of understanding of the issues facing the school
  • understand how the school makes decisions about teachers’ salary progression and performance
  • performance manage the headteacher rigorously
  • understand the impact of teaching, learning and assessment on the progress of pupils currently in the school
  • ensure that assessment information from leaders provides governors with sufficient and accurate information to ask probing questions about outcomes for pupils
  • ensure that the school’s finances are properly managed and can evaluate how the school is using the pupil premium and the primary PE and sport premium
  • are transparent and accountable, including in recruitment of staff, governance structures, attendance at meetings and contact with parents.

P.S. I know it been ages since this website was updated. Other commitments have got in the way, but it will be making a comeback over the next few weeks.

Haringey Traded Services Market Fair 24th Feb

Haringey Traded Services to Schools - Invitation (2)-comp

HGA Meeting – Thursday 12th February

You are invited to the HGA meeting on the 12th February

7pm- 9pm

at the Professional Development Centre, Downhills Park Road, N15.

Governors will be able to discuss the following issues with an expert leading who can answer their questions.

  • ‘British values’ – what are they? And how do governors show they are meeting Ofsted requirements?
  • ‘Assessment without levels’ – how do we monitor schools and satisfy Ofsted that we’re doing so?
  • School websites and how are they used in Ofsted inspections?

You are also invited to bring any issues of concern to share with other governors. HGA will follow these up with relevant parties.