CASE briefing on forced academies

These briefings from the Campaign for State Education (CASE) and the Local Schools Network may be of interest to governors.

CASE briefing forced academisation

Governor representatives on Schools Forum

Dear Governor,

Elections to the Schools Forum September 2015-2018

Now is the time to consider putting your name forward  for election to the Schools Forum which reached the end of its term of office in July 2015

The Schools Forum advises Haringey Council on proposed changes to the formulae they use for determination of schools’ budget shares. The Local Authority consults the Schools Forum on matters concerning the funding of schools and on financial matters relating to the Schools Budget.

The make up of governor representation on the Schools Forum is as follows:

  • 1 governor for Nursery schools
  • 7 maintained school primary governors
  • 2 maintained school secondary governors
  • 1 Special school governor
  • 1 Primary Academy governor
  • 1 Secondary Academy governor

We currently have a good representation from all areas of the borough and we would hope to be able to maintain this.

If you would be interested in standing for election to the Schools Forum please fill in the SF nomination form (through HGA) and return it to Carolyn Banks, Governors Services, Third Floor, River Park House, London N22 8HQ. Email [email protected]

You will need to be proposed by a fellow governor and you will have the opportunity to make a short written supporting statement.

If you would like more information please contact Melian Mansfield,  Chair of HGA on [email protected]. Closing date for nominations is 28th September 2015. Places will be filled by those who apply first.

Yours sincerely,

Melian Mansfield

Chair- Haringey Governors Association

Download the nomination form and a copy of this letter:

Haringey Religious Education

One of the education committees in Haringey on which Haringey Governors sit is SACRE, their remit is to decide on the Religious Education (RE) syllabus for Haringey schools. Recently they have approved this material that relates specifically to religions in Haringey:

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New National Currciulum consultation

The Government has published the new draft National Curriculum for all maintained schools in England. It’s quite a departure from the previous NC. You really should read it and respond to the consultation.
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Be wary of paid governors and data

Today the head of Ofsted, Michael Wilshaw, will announce the new school data dashboards and suggest that some governors should be paid to improve performance and efficiency. Whilst the attention being given to governance is to be welcomed, I think we should not forget why we have governors in the first place.

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Spring Term schools need to know timeline

Each term the DfE publishes a timeline of all the things schools need to be aware of and prepare for. Unfortunately this is just emailed to schools, not governors. Hope fully you school passes it on to you, but if not, you can access it here:

CYP Scrutiny Panel review Education Commission

The Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel will be meeting on Thursday 14 March at 5:00 p.m. at the Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22.  Amongst the items that they will be looking at is the Council’s response to the report of the Education Commission for Haringey – “Outstanding for All”, which may be of interest to you.

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Haringey Education Commission – how to achieve governance that is ‘Outstanding for All’

Haringey Council has just published the report of its independent “Outstanding for All” Education Commission report. It is extremely relevant for Haringey school governors and the Haringey Governors Association.
It concludes that, while things overall have been improving, there is still a lot to be done particularly to tackle unacceptable variations in school performance in Haringey.

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Draft School Governance Regulations

A draft of the new regulations on school governance has been published, supposedly for consultation.

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Using RAISEonline to improve schools

There is sponsorship available for governors who undertake the National College for School Leadership course before 31st March 2013.

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