Director’s Briefing Report for Governors and Headteachers – Spring 2013

This is a really important document for all governors to read and use for reference over the coming term. It’s staggering that we haven’t had one for so long, but hopefully a sign things to come that this one is here. You can download or read it here.

It contains:


1. Special Educational Needs and Disability – Preparing for Change
2. OFSTED, E-safety, School Websites and Data Protection
3. The New Ofsted Framework Update
4. Raising the Participation Age (RPA)


1. Early Indications on 2012 results for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1 and 2, GCSE and post 16 Level 3
2. Performance Appraisal and Capability Policies for Teachers
3. Haringey 54,000
4. School Admissions and School Organisation
5. School Exclusions – changes to Guidance from September 2012
6. School Funding 2013-2014
7. The Role of the Governing Body and Looked After Children


1. Local Authority Officer Contacts
2. School Term Dates and Holidays 2013/2014

You can read the whole document or download it here:

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