Haringey Council schools bulletin for governors

Last week, Jon Abbey, Haringey’s new Assistant Director for School Improvement sent his first schools bulletin.It’s a really useful source of information for governors (and others). I’ve been meaning to post it here, but before I had the chance there’s already another one out! I’ve pulled out the most useful info for governors below.

Admissions arrangements 2014/15

Action required for Academies, Free Schools, VA and Foundation schools

Admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools are going before Cabinet in March, and will be posted on the council website.

Academies, Free Schools, Voluntary-Aided and Foundation Schools are reminded that their governing body must determine admission arrangements by 15 April, or Academies to confirm if adopting the local authority arrangements.

More info: admission arrangements letter and www.haringey.gov.uk/admission_arrangements

Contact: Jennifer Duxbury, Head of Admissions and School Organisation

Ofsted – new way to review school performance

On 27 February, Ofsted launched a school data dashboard for every school. It will present RaiseOnline data in a simplified manner and  provide an accessible way for governors to review their school’s performance. This could be particularly helpful for governors in gaining snapshots of student progression.

The dashboard will be available for Key Stages 1, 2 and 4.

More info: dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk

Contact: Rachel Skentelbery, System Development Project Manager – [email protected]

Governor training

Upcoming courses:

  • New Governors’ Induction – 12 March
  • Recruitment training – 19 March

More info: Governor training – upcoming courses

Contact: Carolyn Banks, Governor Services Officer

Key Stage 2 data – Ofsted update

Message from Ofsted:

Please note that there was a mistake in expected progress data in the Raise summary report for some schools. Accurate summary reports were available from 5 March.

If your school covers Key Stage 2 and you downloaded or printed a copy of the 2012 summary report since the evening of 22 February, we would advise you to replace it with an updated version. The production date on the front page of affected summary reports will be updated.

More info: RAISE online website

Contact: [email protected]

School Financial Value Standard

Action required

We would like to remind all local authority schools that the first main run through of the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) is required by 31 March. The completed and signed questionnaire should be sent to the Schools’ Budget Team for the attention of Roland Odell.

Please return only the questionnaire – any other documentation relating to the Standard should be retained in the school.

More info: SFVS and Assurance page on DfE website

Contact: Roland Odell, Senior Schools Financial Advisor

Leading the way in school governor reforms

Haringey Council Leader Claire Kober has re-emphasised the council’s commitment to supporting school leadership and governing bodies.

Her comments follow a speech made by Ofsted’s chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, a couple of weeks ago calling for some school governors to be paid and provide more professional leadership.

We’ve included the full reaction from Cllr Kober here.

More info: News story on the Haringey Council website

Closure of accounts for 2012/13

Action required

A letter and attachments were sent to headteachers, school business managers and external providers on 28 February and to chairs of governors on 4 March.

These set out the deadlines for the closure of accounts process for schools during March, April and May. Your co-operation in ensuring these deadlines are met will be appreciated.

Contact: Carolyn Banks, Governor Services Officer

Andre Davies – Chair of Governors at Woodside

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Andre Davies, chair of governors, at Woodside High School. Andre had recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma and he suffered a heart attack at the start of his chemotherapy treatment.

A huge supporter of the school, Andre is remembered as leading Woodside through some very difficult times and always did so wisely and with courtesy. He was regarded as an excellent chair and was delighted when the governing body won the TES Governing Body Award. He will be sorely missed.

Contact: Carolyn Banks, Governor Services Officer

New Ofsted guidance

The end of February saw Ofsted release new subsidiary guidance for inspectors. There are not many changes, but the section on governance reviews has been expanded and Ofsted inspectors will now expect to meet “as many governors during an inspection as is possible.”

More info: Ofsted Subsidiary Guidance

Contact: Carolyn Banks, Governor Services Officer

More governors needed?

The School Governors’ One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) is an independent charity dedicated to recruiting volunteers to serve on school governing bodies across England.  They have launched a new recruitment video called “We’re the people…” which follows four governors from different workplaces and shows how they use their skills to support children, education and schools. SGOSS helps match volunteers with schools that have vacancies.

If your school has a vacancy, then please get in touch. Their service is free and funded by the DfE.

More info: New video from SGOSS

Contact: Carolyn Banks, Governor Services Officer

DfE survey on headteacher appraisals

The London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education (IOE), University of London, the University of Bath and the University of Cambridge have been commissioned by the DfE to undertake research into the effective management of head teacher performance. The researchers are currently surveying governing bodies about the process of head teacher appraisal. The survey is open to all governing bodies of state-maintained schools and academies in England.

Deadline for responses is Thursday 28 March and you can fill out an online questionnaire.

The research also involves case studies of exemplary and/or innovative practice in the effective management of head teacher performance. Researchers are especially interested in initiatives that have led to rapid and positive development of governing body practice in schools in challenging circumstances.  If you know of a school or group of schools that fits this description, please contact one of the directors – Dr David Eddy Spicer or Dr Megan Crawford.

More info: Institute of Education website

Contact: Institute of Education

4 thoughts on “Haringey Council schools bulletin for governors”

  1. We (HGA Exec) suggested that, in fact it’s been suggested a number of times for all sorts of info from the Council, but their view has been that it goes to Chairs and Clerks and it’s their job to send it out; not least because apparently some Clerks are very bad at updating the Council on the membership of their governing bodies. So Haringey simply don’t have the emails.
    I made the point that just because they don’t have all addresses doesn’t stop it being useful for them to send it out to the ones they do have. I thought this was accepted, but I still just get it through our Clerk and I know they have my email address.
    The Council need to have a simple online system for Clerks to update GB membership and contact details, the problem is they don’t have the staff or the cash to sort this out. If I had a little more time and skill I’d build one myself and give it to them, I don’t think it’d be that hard. But I guess the problem would still be getting people to use it.

  2. I think the newsletter is a huge step forward – well done to all involved. It needs to be circulated as widely as possible, that means here and by e mail.

    1. I agree. I’ve suggested to the council that they post it on their website and that they try to email it to all governors directly.
      I’ll keep putting them up here (at least the governor-related bits).
      You can do your bit by getting all of your governing body to sign up to this site and making sure your clerk is passing on all of your GB’s details to the Haringey Governor Services.

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