Haringey in statistics

At a meeting a month or so ago the HGA Executive were shown one of the Council’s ‘storyboards’. These lay out all of the most important statistics about a certain aspect of life in Haringey and try to present them graphically where possible. They cover:

The one we were shown related to ‘Outstanding for All’ and I was keen to put it up here as there are some useful figures and comparisons in it that Haringey governors should be aware of. I have now been sent this along with three other storyboards that may also interest governors. They are all below (use the buttons at the bottom of each image to expand and zoom in so you can see what they actually say):

Education & Families: Outstanding for all

Employment, Well-being, Health & Regeneration: Opportunities for all

Safeguarding, Environment, Crime & ASB: Safety for all

Council services & Budget: A better council

What do you think?