Haringey Religious Education

One of the education committees in Haringey on which Haringey Governors sit is SACRE, their remit is to decide on the Religious Education (RE) syllabus for Haringey schools. Recently they have approved this material that relates specifically to religions in Haringey:

Here is the specifically Haringey material to feed into the Awareness, Mystery, Value syllabus. It is not the syllabus itself, but gives indications where it fits in.

Download AMV-Haringey-egs1.doc (DOC, 81KB)

You can see the full syllabus here: http://amv.somerset.gov.uk/

One thought on “Haringey Religious Education”

  1. It is shameful that in this day and age all schools do not yet have a statutory duty to promote a scientific, secular viewpoint. This material is actively promoting faith based ignorance. In my view this is nothing less than child abuse.

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