Haringey Schools Bulletin 27 March 2013

The third edition of the Schools Bulletin produced by Haringey Council (not HGA) that contains useful information for governors and schools.

In this issue (links to stories):

Introduction from Jon Abbey

Welcome to the third issue of our Schools Bulletin.

When reflecting on my first term in Haringey – where I have visited a third of our schools in a varying range of guises – meeting pupils, Heads, leadership teams and Governors, it is clear that there is ambition for our pupils and some super practice going on. I have been delighted by the work going on with the School to School Support, as well as the introduction of schools working in triads, focusing on leadership and management, where feedback has assured me that there are robust conversations going on as well as the sharing of ideas.

Our agenda continues to move on a pace with schools adapting to the changes in floor standards, reflecting on the construction and design of curriculum models as well as acting on their own self evaluation. Next term we will collectively be working towards meeting the recommendations of the Education Commission to ensure that we offer outstanding provision for all our pupils. Libby has written to all Headteachers and Chairs of Governors outlining in more detail what the next steps are in terms of ‘Outstanding for All’, and we will provide very regular updates at various forums during the summer term.

Through this bulletin, we want to provide Headteachers, schools staff and Governing bodies with a better sources of news and information from the council – telling what’s essential to know, what’s important to know, and some things that might just be of interest. There’s also a section for governors and a chance for schools to share news. To submit items email [email protected]

We want to reduce the number of emails you receive from us, so this bulletin will be our only way of sending messages – except in emergencies.

We’re trying to ensure this bulletin reaches all Headteachers and Governing bodies in Haringey, so please keep an eye out for this landing in admin / office email addresses – and pass onto key and relevant colleagues where appropriate.

Jon Abbey, Assistant Director of School Improvement, Children and Young People’s ServiceI look forward to seeing many of you next term either during my visits to schools, Governor conference in May or Head teacher’s conference in June. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a restful Easter and Spring break.

Jon Abbey
Assistant Director of School Improvement
Children and Young People’s Service

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Outstanding for All – update

All headteachers and governors should have received by now a letter detailing how the council plans to rise to challenges set out in Haringey’s Education Commission report – Outstanding for All.

In-case schools haven’t read this as yet, please see below for your reference.

More info:Vision, Letter to Headteachers and Chair of Governors

Contact: Libby Blake, Director of Children’s Services

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Changes to welfare and benefits

Action required

Some parents and families who receive benefits may be affected from April due to significant changes being introduced by the Government.

Below is a link to the council’s website that explains more about further help and guidance that is available.

Please publicise this in your own school newsletters and internal news channels where possible.

More info: Find out more about how you might be affected and what to do next

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Weekly roll return

Action required

To ensure we are able to quickly and efficiently offer places to those children without a school place it is vital that we have up to date vacancy information from all Haringey schools. Could we please ask every school to send us the weekly roll return every Monday for the preceding week.

We would like to thank all of those schools who regularly send us their information, everyone’s continuing help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

More info: Weekly roll return

Contact: Corinne David, Deputy Head of Admissions and School Organisation

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Materials and guidance for the new end of KS2 grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Action required

A range of help, guidance and information on the new test is now available to schools online.

Materials schools may find helpful include:

More info:These items can also be located on MLE/Literacy homepage/KS2 Statutory Assessments

Contact: Jon Abbey, Assistant Director of School Improvement

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2013 summer schools

Action required

The government’s Minister of State for Schools, David Laws, has announced £50 million for the second year of the summer schools programme.

Eligible schools that have Ever6 FSM (pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years) and pupils who have been looked after continuously for more than six months by the local authority (LAC) making the transition into Year 7 in September 2013 can take part in the summer schools programme by completing a short, simple online form.

      • Schools can register at https://www.prolog.co.uk/dfesummerschools/
      • The funding is to support one or two-week summer schools
      • Schools will be allocated £250 per eligible pupil (for a one week summer school) or £500 per eligible pupil (for a two week summer school).

Relevant documents include:

Top Tips for running a summer School

Summer Schools 2013 Q&A

Summer Schools Programme for Disadvantaged Pupils: Overview Report

Summer Schools Programme for Disadvantaged Pupils: Key findings for Schools

Summer Schools Programme for Disadvantaged Pupils: Evaluation 2012 – Brief

More info: The DfE website on summer schools

Contact: Jon Abbey, Assistant Director of School Improvement

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Looked After Children Pupil Premium Grant (LAC PPG)

Action required

Haringey Virtual School is currently writing to schools which have at least one Haringey LAC in year 11 and is currently eligible for the LAC PPG. Young people who have been continuously looked after by Haringey for 6 months or more as of 1/4/13 will each be allocated the full £900.

In allocating the Pupil Premium for looked after children, the government has recognised that looked after children face additional barriers to reaching their potential. It is essential that the LAC PPG is used to increase the attainment of identified students at ‘more than average progress’ in order to narrow the attainment gap between children in care and the general population.

The letter will document the details of payment. The school will decide how best to use the premium at the Personal Education Plan meeting, in partnership with the social worker and the foster carer, and raising attainment at a ‘more than average’ rate is the primary aim.

Please note agreed spend of the LAC PPG must be recorded on the young person’s Personal Education Plan.

More info: http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk/index.php

Contact: Tracey Hutchings Acting Virtual Head of Children in Care

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Private fostering awareness

It is important that all schools are mindful that a private fostering arrangement is one that is made privately without the involvement of the local authority.

It is an arrangement made for the care of a child under 16 years, or 18 years if disabled, by someone other than a parent or close relative for 28 days or more. This could be a friend of the family, the parent of a friend of the child or someone previously unknown to the child’s family who is willing to privately foster the child.

It is the statutory responsibility of the council to ensure that the welfare of the privately fostered child is safeguarded and promoted by determining the suitability of all aspects of the private fostering arrangement.

A person who proposes to foster a child privately and/or the parent of the child must notify the council of this:

      • At least six weeks before the arrangement begins; or
      • Where the private fostering arrangement takes place at short notice i.e. less than 6 weeks the council must be notified immediately;
      • Where the arrangement already exists the private foster parent/parent must notify the council immediately.

Any person who is involved in arranging for a child to be privately fostered must notify the council of the arrangement as soon as possible after the arrangement has been made.

Contact: Wendy Tomlinson, Head of Service Commissioning and Placements

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Governor news

Wellcome Trust ‘Recommended Code of Governance’ launched

The Wellcome Trust is piloting a new code of governance that aims to improve how school Governing bodies work.

A Recommended Code of Governance for Schools’ offers governors a concise, flexible framework to help them set strategic direction, evaluate their own performance and hold the headteacher and other senior leaders to account.

The ‘Recommended Code’ was developed in collaboration with the National Governors’ Association, the National College of School Leadership, Ofsted and the Department for Education. It draws on the UK Corporate Governance Code and the Statement of Recommended Practice for charities.

The Wellcome Trust is running a two-year pilot study, which began in November 2012, to test the effectiveness of the code. A group of 21 pilot schools – including primary, secondary and special schools and academies – were given advance access to the code. The way in which they use it will be independently evaluated over the course of the study.

The importance of good school governance is being increasingly recognised. Ofsted has recently announced that it will increase its focus on governance by instructing all schools categorised as ‘requiring improvement’ to conduct an external review of how leadership and governance may be improved. The Wellcome Trust hopes the ‘Recommended Code’ will be a useful tool for schools in this position.

Contact: [email protected], Governor Services Officer

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Chief Inspector responds to latest Ofsted statistics on school inspection outcomes

The Chief Inspector of Ofsted has stated it as ‘encouraging’ that more schools across the country improved last term under its tough new inspection arrangements.

The new figures show that almost half the schools inspected during the last quarter improved their overall effectiveness judgement (977 — or 47% of the 2,102 schools inspected) from their previous inspection.

More info: Chief Inspector responds to latest Ofsted statistics on school inspection outcomes

Contact: [email protected], Governor Services Officer

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National College support for chairs of governing bodies training

The National College provides support and training for chairs and aspiring chairs of governors in maintained schools, academies and Free Schools.

In addition, the National College has also developed a programme of leadership development for chairs and aspiring chairs of Governors in maintained schools and academies.

Their members’ site has resources and is open to all Governors.

More info: The National College (External link)

Contact: [email protected], Governor Services Officer

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Of interest

Ofsted School Data Dashboard

Ofsted has launched its ‘School Data Dashboard’ that provides a snapshot of school performance at Key Stages 1, 2 and 4. The dashboard can be used by school governors and by members of the public to check the performance of the school in which they are interested.

The School Data Dashboard complements the Ofsted school inspection report by providing an analysis of school performance over a three-year period. Data can be filtered by key stage or by topic:

      • Expected progress
      • Attainment
      • Attendance
      • Narrowing the gap between disadvantaged and other pupils

More info: http://dashboard.ofsted.gov.uk/index.php

Contact: Jon Abbey, Assistant Director of School Improvement

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National Scholarship Fund

The National Scholarship Fund is available for teachers, providing an opportunity to deepen specialist or subject knowledge and renew a passion for teaching.

Further information on what this is about and how to apply is available below.

More info: National Scholarship Fund

Contact: Kirstie Watkins, Head of Inclusion

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Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills

Schools are now able to receive a range of materials completely free of charge which will enable you to set up a special ELS project and continue to run it year on year at no cost:

      • Instructor training for school staff in Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills from St John Ambulance, including additional new teachers in following years if needed
      • Supply cover for up to 4 teachers for initial teacher instructor training days
      • Annual ELS skills refresher courses for school staff
      • Medical student support for teachers in the classroom
      • Certificates for pupils
      • Heartstart schools training pack (includes DVD, poster and other teaching materials)
      • British Heart Foundation grant for resuscitation equipment (for a class of 30 they will supply 10 manikins worth around £1,200 for a class of 30)
      • Public liability and personal accident insurance
      • Affiliation to Heartstart and on-going support from community resuscitation experts

Heartstart is an initiative co–ordinated by the British Heart Foundation to teach members of the public what to do in a life threatening emergency, and is a nationally recognised model for ELS skills training.

More info: www.savinglondonerslives.org.uk

Contact: Sheena Carr, Senior Public Health Commissioning Strategist

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School Travel Plan

Training for the new online system – with a little help from the smarter travel team – is now available for all schools.

This new system for monitoring and planning school initiatives is user friendly and the information is used to direct funding* and specific initiatives.

This plan helps address road safety issues around schools, such as zig zag parking, as well as enabling the Smarter Travel Team to offer additional support such as theatre in education, cycle training and JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officer) schemes – as well as helping achieve healthy school status and many other initiatives.

*Most funding from TfL is only available for accredited schools.

More info: www.staccreditation.org.uk

Contact:Smarter Travel, to book your in-school training

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Walking Teddy Club for infant classes

The Walking Teddy Club is a new walking initiative being launched straight after the Easter Break.

Aimed at Key Stage One (Infants), 25 schools have signed up so far and their Walking Teddy is ready to join their school.

The initiative comes with supporting stationery and wall charts to record the number of pupils walking, a Walking Diary – so all the children involved can create a picture, poem or story about the Teddy’s walking journey –as well as certificates and badges to help promote the scheme.

This is a brand new initiative never used in Haringey before and we are keen to encourage as many Infant schools to participate.

A hands up survey will be needed so that we can monitor the progress and improvement in the reduction of cars and conversion to walking or scooting or cycling to school.

Contact: Smarter.Travel

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Positive parenting programme – teens

Do you know of parents who are finding teenager’s behaviour a challenge at home?

Haringey Council regularly offers group parenting programmes to enable families to develop strategies for managing behaviour and improve parent and carer relationships with their children. Parenting programmes create an opportunity for parents and carers to share their experiences and to learn strategies through observation, group discussion, practice and feedback.

Triple P- Positive Parenting Programme Teens

Duration: 3 hours per week for 10 weeks Age: 11-16

For families who want support with younger children, alternative targeted programmes are run by Haringey Council or CAMHS. These include:

      • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities
      • Triple P – Positive Parenting Programme for 2-10 year olds
      • Webster-Stratton Incredible Years

Parents / carers are welcome to get in touch to find out more or to request an application form.

Contact: Parenting Programmes

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Playing for Success

Playing for Success at Spurs Learning Zone is now recruiting schools for the summer term programme –Literacy, Numeracy and ICT support for years 5-8.

If your school is due to attend, or if you have not attended previously but would like to, please drop David Lyall a line for more information.

Contact:Dave.Lyall, Playing for Success Centre Manager

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Easter activities

Easter is just around the corner and there’s a wide range of activities happening across the borough to keep children and young people entertained over the holidays, including football, basketball, boxing, tennis, swimming, gymnastics and much more.

More info:Easter Active Fun booklet (PDF, 1MB)

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Schools – over to you!

This is your space to share news from your school to others – email [email protected] with anything you’d like to share.

‘Good’ progress made at Stroud Green Primary

Staff, pupils and governors at Haringey’s Stroud Green Primary School are glowing with pride following a recent Ofsted inspection that has praised the school on delivering good progress and achievements overall – with some outstanding teaching.
Inspectors summed up some of their feedback on leadership and management saying: “The head teacher has been successful in establishing and communicating a clear vision of improvement for the school. Members of the leadership team work well together and their high expectations are reflected throughout the school.”
School governors were also commended for showing a clear determination to drive forward standards, while retaining their strong commitment to support the emotional and pastoral needs of each individual pupil.
Commenting on the report, Headteacher, Denise Sewell, said: “We are a good school that aspires to be outstanding and we are delighted the Ofsted team recognised this. I would personally like to thank everyone part of the Stroud Green school community for their support in this wonderful achievement.”
We know there’s lots more good Ofsted news to share on here over the next few weeks too – thanks to those of you who have been in touch with your good news stories – keep them coming!
Contact:Lauren Haslehurst, Senior Communications Officer

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