Induction pack for new governors

Along with a couple of other governors I’m trying to develop a new induction pack for our school. I think it needs to have a one page tick list of all the things the school will do, the new governor will do and what information we are providing them with.

This is what we have so far. What do you think? Is anything essential missing? Is it too long? What do you have in yours?


Firstly, thanks very much for becoming a governor. We really appreciate you volunteering your time and expertise. To ensure that you are supported to make a valuable contribution we have created the attached pack and will be offering you the support listed below.


  • Give you a tour of the school.
  • Set up a meeting with the Headteacher, Parveen Duggal.
  • Set up a meeting with the Chair of Governors, Owen Davies.
  • Arrange new governor training for you through Haringey Governor Support and Training Unit.
  • Make sure that you are fully introduced to all the other governors at the next meeting.
  • Assign you an experienced governor as a mentor, s/he will meet with you and go through all the documentation listed below and will share his/her contact details with you so you can ask her/him any questions at any point.


  • Attend the meetings and training arranged with you.
  • Fill out the attached skills audit.
  • Write a short piece about yourself and provide a photo to go on the school’s website:
  • Review the documents attached with your mentor.


  • Glossary of education terms, jargon and acronyms (including school specific ones).
  • Governor code of conduct.
  • School Development Plan – sets out the school’s vision and what the school intends to achieve.
  • Most recent Ofsted report – an external report on the strengths and weaknesses of the school.
  • Self Evaluation Form – internal review of strengths and weaknesses and how we are addressing them.
  • RAISEOnline data – this shows the performance of all students against national trends.
  • Dates of all upcoming meetings.
  • Summary of all sub-committees.
  • List of all governors, including photos, roles and skills.
  • List of all staff, including roles.
  • Minutes of all governing body meetings for the past year.
  • Governor training programme.
  • Skills audit for you to fill out.


  • (gives a top level view of RAISEOnline data)
  • (gives parents’ views of the school)

8 thoughts on “Induction pack for new governors”

  1. That looks great, a governor induction pack can make such a difference. Alas I never had one and spent the first two years trying to work out what I was doing!

    Some additions?
    What you need to do:
    Sometimes it can be useful for a new governor to go to all committee meetings to get a sense of what each one cover and how the GB works as a whole
    Documents attached:
    Any relevant school policies and procedures
    Useful sites:
    The governors’ handbook 2013:

    1. Thanks Helen, those are really useful additions.
      We do invite all new governors to all sub-committees, so would be good to put in there that it’s a requirement. I found it really helped me.
      I actually had all the policies in there initially, but took it out as I thought it might overload new governors. We may well add it back in, or at least provide a link to where they are on the website.

  2. Here’s what we have in our induction policy.

    On appointment

    • New governors will
      • Be sent an information pack by the school (see checklist)
      • Be contacted by the Chair and welcomed to the GB
      • Be invited to meet the Headteacher and tour the school
      • Have an opportunity to meet informally with another Governor to act as a mentor
      • Book themselves on the GSU Introduction to Governing course
    • By/at the first GB meeting
      • The new governor will have familiarised themselves with the background information
      • The Chair will welcome the new governor, and introduce the other Governors.
      • The calendar of meetings including committee meetings will be shared with the new governor
      • The new governor will introduce themselves to the GB, covering some information about their background, interests and why they became a governor
    • By the end of the first school term
      • The new governor will have attended at least one committee meeting
      • The new governor will have attended the induction training
      • Understand Confidentiality duties of a Governor
      • Become familiar with Child Protection / Safeguarding e.g. through training
    • By the end of the year
      • The new governor will have attended one of each of the committee meetings to see the work
      • The new governor will have joined a committee or taken on other defined role
      • The new governor will have identified and booked additional training required
      • The governor will have visited the school at least once, either for a school event, to meet staff or to observe some part of the school’s activities.
      • The governor will feel an integral part of the GB and fully equipped to contribute to the work of the GB.

    New Governor Checklist

    • Welcomed by Chair
    • Invited to meet Headteacher
    • Toured school and met staff and children
    • Received informal briefing from Head and/or Chair
    • Have you received:
      • DfES “Guide to the Law for Governors”
      • Haringey Handbook for School Governors
      • School prospectus
      • Details of LA’s Governor training program from Governor Support
      • Contact details for GB members
      • Details of Committees including Terms of Reference
      • Dates for GB & committee meetings
      • School calendar
      • Contact details for the school
      • School improvement plan
      • Latest Ofsted report
      • Overview of school budget
    • Attended the New Governor Induction training (provided by Haringey Governor Support) Visited a school event and met parents
    • Visited DfE website (
    • Understand role of Governor, Governing Body and Headteacher
    • Understand key issues and focus for the GB
    • Understand duties of confidentiality with regards to children, staff and families
    • Attended Finance & Personnel committee meeting
    • Attended Premises & Health and Safety committee meeting
    • Attended Curriculum Working Group meeting
    • Attended Children’s Centre Management Committee meeting
    • Selected a committee or nominated Governor role to take on
  3. I’ve just been sent Pembury House’s contents page for their Governor Induction Pack:
    • Welcome to Pembury House Nursery School and Children’s Centre
    • The school’s instrument of Governance
    • The scheme for financing schools
    • Names and contact details of governors
    • Staffing list
    • Committees and terms of reference
    • Prospectus for the Centre
    • Core offer for children’s centre
    • Centre development plan 2011 – 2012
    • Ofsted reports
    • Governor visits form
    • List of policies
    • Best value statement and purchasing policy
    • Minutes from the last governing body meeting
    • Minutes from the last meeting of each committee
    • Glossary of terms – please see Handbook for School
    • Quarterly budget

    You can download it from here:

What do you think?