Learning from each other: governor exchanges

The key role of governors is to ‘support and challenge’ our schools to ensure that every child is getting the best education possible. It can be difficult to know how to do this though when we are generally not education professionals and can feel we have little to compare and contrast with.

Given the crumbling of LAs, the need for school to school support is greater than ever before. As governors we can play an important part in this. We should be meeting with other governors, going to other schools and seeing what we can learn from other’s good practice.

Heartlands High are leading the way on this, below are some ideas for how we could all get involved.

The first is to go to Heartland’s event this month, hear from the NGA and talk to other Haringey governors. Look around the school (if we can), note things down and take ideas and questions to your next governing body meeting.

Book an interesting speaker or trainer for your school and invite other governors along. Let us know and we (and I imagine Haringey Governor Support) will promote it on this site and through all the other means we have available.

Post your governing body meetings on this website with an open invitation to any other governors to come and observe or take part. To do this just drop us an email: [email protected]

Set up governing body clusters that mirror the NLCs (Networked Learning Communities) that cut across the borough. These needn’t be formal meetings, they could be just a get together. You’ll probably find that issues and ideas get shared nonetheless.

The most common piece of feedback to HGA is that meeting governors from other schools is incredibly useful and we need to do more of it, so what other ideas do you have?

What do you think?