National Funding Formula – how you can help

As you (hopefully) all know, the Government’s proposed National Funding Formula will hit Haringey schools very hard. These funding cuts will inevitably mean schools having to make the decision to reduce the service they can offer to pupils and families.

This recent letter from the leader of Haringey Council, Cllr. Claire Kober, sets out some things we can all do to help fight for our pupils, families and schools.

Here is her advice:

Spread the word amongst your parents, staff and governors – and encourage them to have their say.

Respond to the online consultation, here:

Wherever possible, write personalised letters – spell out the specific situation in your school, including how much funding you stand to lose and what kind of decisions you may face as a result, whether that’s staffing reductions, a lack of new facilities, less one-to-one support for pupils or a reduction in extra-curricular activities that families rely on.

Write to one person at a time (rather than using a “cc list” and vary who you write to. For example, your Chair of Governors may write to one minster, while your Parents’ Association writes to another.

You can write to:

  • The Rt Honourable Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Education, House

of Commons, London SW1A OAA [email protected]

The Rt Honourable Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, House

of Commons, London SW1A OAA

[email protected]

Neil Carmichael, Chair of the Education Committee, House of Commons, London SW1A0AA

The Rt Honourable Philip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Correspondence and Enquiry Unit, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ [email protected]

Also, don’t forget the parent-organised meeting about the Fair Funding For All campaign at Park View tonight, 7.30pm.

What do you think?