Concerns about spending on academies

The National Audit Office has recently published this report on the finances of the Government’s academies programme:

Its two major points seem to be:

  • There needs to be greater caution with academy finances than the Government has so far shown because of the “light-touch oversight regime”.
  • There has been a significant over-spend on academies as a whole.

Given the first point, academy governors need to be extra careful with their school’s finances as they don’t have the more stringent oversight to back them up that maintained (LA) schools have.

The second point is particularly worrying because that money will need to be recouped from all schools in some way or another.

An alternative Education Vision for Haringey

At this week’s HGA we heard from Les Craggs about Haringey’s proposed Vision for Education. It seemed to me that the general feeling in the room was that it was:

  • Too waffly
  • Not practical enough

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Parents and public meeting with Haringey education commissioners tonight

I’ve just been told that there’s a meeting at 6.30 this evening at Heartlands High School in Wood Green for parents and public to meet with the Outstanding for All education commissioners.

Full info is here:

Unfortunately I hadn’t been told about this by the school I’m a governor of, the school my daughter attends or through the HGA until the Chair of the HGA called me a couple of minutes ago. I can’t attend, but I hope many of you can.

Governors needed to feed into education commission

We have been invited to ask 25 governors to meet the Comissioners on the 31st October 10.30am-12pm.
Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend.

An update from the Outstanding for All commission is below:

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Your dream governor support service – suggestions please

The Haringey Governor Training and Support Unit (GTSU) is currently under-staffed and under pressure – as evidenced by their woefully out of date website*.

Jan Doust has been tasked with revamping the service and has been asked to come up with her dream specification. She’s looking for your suggestions so please email ideas to her: [email protected]

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An education vision for Haringey?

At the Director’s Briefing for governors and headteachers (a very important event for governors to attend, by the way) on Friday a document was shared with us that the HGA has been asking for for some time.

This draft lays out the Council’s vision for education in the Haringey. Have a read, and send any comments to Jan Doust ([email protected]).

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Computer contracts and other financial controls

At last week’s Schools Forum the issue of new contracts for IT equipment and support (computers, printers, photocopiers, networking, etc.) for Haringey schools was raised briefly. These contracts can be huge and expensive, but are decent IT is essential to education (and any organisation) in the 21st Century, so getting it right is vital.
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20 key questions every governing body should ask

An essential piece of reading for all governors. This document was produced by the National Governors Association and should be something all of us have a look over and take to our next governing body meetings.

Download the document directly: click here.

Checklist and year planner for governors

We’ve got our first meeting of the year this evening and it reminded me of this really useful document that I found on the Haringey Governor Support website.

It’s a checklist of things that governors should be doing term by term. It is a little dated, but it’s still well worth keeping a copy of and making sure your governing body is keeping on top of all these issues.

Picking up the Pieces

Here are the details of a Conference CASE and other organisations are organising on the 17th November which may be of interest to governors. It’s in London and not expensive.

Please note that you to the webpage for Picking up the Pieces. It contains a map of the venue.

pdf iconPicking up the Pieces flyer No. 1.pdf