Parents and public meeting with Haringey education commissioners tonight

I’ve just been told that there’s a meeting at 6.30 this evening at Heartlands High School in Wood Green for parents and public to meet with the Outstanding for All education commissioners.

Full info is here:

Unfortunately I hadn’t been told about this by the school I’m a governor of, the school my daughter attends or through the HGA until the Chair of the HGA called me a couple of minutes ago. I can’t attend, but I hope many of you can.

3 thoughts on “Parents and public meeting with Haringey education commissioners tonight”

  1. I only just found out about this today also. Thanks to a Tweet by Downhills School. Luckily I have been able to get a babysitter and intend to go. As a Governor I’m quite dissapointed we were not notified of this event.

  2. I would have gone if I had known. Communication very poor. Might be part of new Education Vision for Haringey

    1. Yes, I understand from Jessica that she was one of only seven people who went in the end, two of whom were just observing and didn’t contribute.

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