Governor Training Programme 2013-14

Here’s the training programme for this academic year from Haringey LA.

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Making the most of the Pupil Premium – Jon Abbey

Jon Abbey’s presentation from the Haringey Governors’ Conference:


Haringey Schools Bulletin 27 March 2013

The third edition of the Schools Bulletin produced by Haringey Council (not HGA) that contains useful information for governors and schools.

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Governor training from your armchair

All of us could do with more advice and new ideas on what questions to ask our schools and how to ask them. This Sunday you could pick the brains of your governor colleagues from across the country without leaving your front room.

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Vision, induction, headteachers’ reports, finance and learning

At this evening’s HGA meeting we shared our experiences of all of these and came up with some ideas/recommendations that we hope will be of use to all Haringey schools, governing bodies and governors. Below are all the notes from the meeting.

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Useful article on being prepared for Ofsted

Just came across this really useful blog post from a fellow governor:

Being a governor in front of an Ofsted inspector is one of the moments when it is necessary to demonstrate that governance sits at the top of the school improvement process, setting the school’s vision and then being completely clear about what is happening to deliver it, holding the school to account along the way.

Director’s Briefing Report for Governors and Headteachers – Spring 2013

This is a really important document for all governors to read and use for reference over the coming term. It’s staggering that we haven’t had one for so long, but hopefully a sign things to come that this one is here. You can download or read it here.

It contains:

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A great source of information for governors

The Clerk to Governors website has a huge amount of information that all governors should find useful. It’s really worth bookmarking and referring to.

There’s legal info, research and up to date news.