Governor Training Programme 2013-14

Here’s the training programme for this academic year from Haringey LA.

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Leadership and Management of Teaching and Learning under the new Ofsted Framework

Jane Blakey’s presentation to the Haringey Governors’ Conference

Workshop Details Haringey Governors Conference

I now have details for the workshops at the governors conference and a form to sign up for the ones that interest you.

This needs to be done by Monday, 6th May. So do it now.

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Schools bulletin – 23 April 2013

Sorry I’m only just posting this, but I just received it today myself .

In this issue (links to stories):

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Haringey Schools Bulletin 27 March 2013

The third edition of the Schools Bulletin produced by Haringey Council (not HGA) that contains useful information for governors and schools.

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Haringey Council schools bulletin for governors

Last week, Jon Abbey, Haringey’s new Assistant Director for School Improvement sent his first schools bulletin.It’s a really useful source of information for governors (and others). I’ve been meaning to post it here, but before I had the chance there’s already another one out! I’ve pulled out the most useful info for governors below. Continue reading “Haringey Council schools bulletin for governors”

Recent Ofsted judgments on governance

Governors at my (secondary) school have been looking at recent Ofsted judgements on governance and these are quite instructive in highlighting what inspectors are looking for. Two Haringey secondary schools have recently (Jan & Feb 2013) been judged as ‘good’ schools with ‘outstanding’ leadership and management, and I’ve pasted their respective sections on governance below for your information. Continue reading “Recent Ofsted judgments on governance”

Be wary of paid governors and data

Today the head of Ofsted, Michael Wilshaw, will announce the new school data dashboards and suggest that some governors should be paid to improve performance and efficiency. Whilst the attention being given to governance is to be welcomed, I think we should not forget why we have governors in the first place.

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KS2 testing, off-site provision and school attendance

Important information about changes to all of these that governors should be aware of.

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Useful article on being prepared for Ofsted

Just came across this really useful blog post from a fellow governor:

Being a governor in front of an Ofsted inspector is one of the moments when it is necessary to demonstrate that governance sits at the top of the school improvement process, setting the school’s vision and then being completely clear about what is happening to deliver it, holding the school to account along the way.