Governor Training Programme 2013-14

Here’s the training programme for this academic year from Haringey LA.

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Making the most of the Pupil Premium – Jon Abbey

Jon Abbey’s presentation from the Haringey Governors’ Conference:


How will welfare changes affect children in Haringey

As you probably know new welfare changes came into effect in the middle of last month, with Haringey, Enfield and two other boroughs getting the worst of it (sorry, trialling the scheme) a year earlier than other boroughs.

Inevitably this will have an impact on the most vulnerable (at least in financial terms) children and families in our schools. The presentation below looks at how many families it will affect in each area of Haringey; outlines what financial implications it will have for them and suggests possible wider implications.

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Haringey Governors Annual Conference – register now

The annual conference for all Haringey governors (including parents and school staff governors) is coming up on Saturday 18th May. You need to register now.

As well as workshops on outstanding governance there will be a keynote from the Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, Dr Kevan Collins.

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A quick guide on how to raise attainment

This is a really important piece of research that all governors should have a read of and use as part of discussions with their headteachers.

It very simply summarises 20 popular methods of raising attainment and weighs the research in to them. A simple table lays out the cost, likely benefit and the strength of the research in to each. It then goes on to give a one page summary of each of the methods and the research. It’s concise and very readable and some of the results are surprising.

So if you are looking to raise attainment for disadvantaged students in your school (and if not, why not) you really need to read this.

Read more about the report from the Education Endowment Foundation.

Download the report directly.

The report was originally called the Pupil Premium Toolkit, this is an updated version.