More useful data on schools in England

This site provides easy access to the many sources of on-line data about education in England. New information is added regularly.

From spending on schools and pupil numbers to figures for attendance and attainment, keep up to date with RISE’s 25 key statistics about state education in England.

Comparing school data – a useful tool

Just had this website highlighted to me. It has a number of useful ways to compare data across schools. Worth having a play with:

Outstanding governors?

Haringey Council write:

You may already be aware of Haringey’s Outstanding for All Awards, celebrating excellent teaching and learning in Haringey schools.
Nominations are open for 10 categories, one of which is the Governor of the Year award. Please would you  share this with the Association to encourage nominations?

For all the awards categories, and to nominate, visit

Governor Services Portal is now live

Haringey Council’s Governor Services have a new website that features of all of the training and support available to governors of Haringey schools.

It’s here: