Vision, induction, headteachers’ reports, finance and learning

At this evening’s HGA meeting we shared our experiences of all of these and came up with some ideas/recommendations that we hope will be of use to all Haringey schools, governing bodies and governors. Below are all the notes from the meeting.

I’ll split these all up and type them up soon, but for now I’m just dumping them all here so you can scroll through them and see what we came up with. Click any image to see it larger, or to view the whole gallery as a lovely full-screen slide show.

I’m pleased to say we had all types of schools and governors represented (including staff and associates), but it would have been great to have had even more people there. The more we come together as governors to learn from one another the stronger Haringey schools will be and the better we serve the young people of the borough.

What do you think?