Your dream governor support service – suggestions please

The Haringey Governor Training and Support Unit (GTSU) is currently under-staffed and under pressure – as evidenced by their woefully out of date website*.

Jan Doust has been tasked with revamping the service and has been asked to come up with her dream specification. She’s looking for your suggestions so please email ideas to her: [email protected]

As the draft vision for education in Haringey highlighted, strong governance is essential for school improvement, but governors are not (primarily) professionals so we need high quality and responsive support, training and information services.

One of the things I would recommend is a simple system for clerks to maintain the central list of governors held by the GTSU. This would allow the GTSU to have direct contact with all governors. A central database with a secure, password-protected web form for clerks shouldn’t be too difficult to create. Enabling simple, cheap communication between clerks, governors and the GTSU seems to me to be central to the success of the GTSU.

Add any other ideas below as well as emailing them to [email protected]

* The sample documents are still really useful, but don’t look there for any current events.

2 thoughts on “Your dream governor support service – suggestions please”

  1. It would be helpful if you could upload a pdf of the training booklet that is sent to us in hardcopy so we can check dates/times of training events via the website without you needing to enter details of every single event.

    1. Good idea Beth. I’ll do that later. I just haven’t had the time to do all the individual events, although I do still intend to.
      Just to point out, this website is run by the Haringey Governors’ Association, which is a voluntary association, not the Governor Support Service which is part of Haringey Council. I wouldn’t want you to blame them for me not getting things up here.

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